At Big Brothers Big Sisters, you can choose the type of mentor (we call them Bigs) you want to become based on your availability or where there is the greatest need.

It is important to be realistic about your commitment because once you have made it, you won’t want to let your young person (Little) down. Many already have too much disappointment in their lives.

We have both mentoring and non-mentoring volunteer opportunities. The chart below shows the four different mentoring opportunities and the commitment they require.

Type of MentorTime CommitmentWhat and Where
1:1 in the Community2-4 hours once a week for at least 12 monthsYou will be matched with a Little between the ages of 7 to 16. Together, you’ll decide what you would like to do. It might be going bowling, grabbing a slice of pizza, or simply hanging out. You can go anywhere in the community that you and your Little agree to go.
1:1 Virtual1 hour once a week for at least 12 monthsYou will be matched with Little that is between the ages of 7 to 16. Your Little may have difficulty meeting their Big) in person or simply find it more comfortable to stay at home. You will decide virtual activities to do together. For example doing a virtual craft, playing an online game, or just talking.
1:1 in Schools1 hour once a week for the academic year You will be matched with a Little that is in grade 1-8 and will meet with them at their school. You will decide what activities to do based on common interests. For example, playing a board game or creating a craft.
Group: mentors must be between the ages of 18-251 hour once a week for 8 weeksWe offer two group mentoring programs for youth ages 12-14: 1) Go Girls (for female-identifying youth); and 2) Game On (for male-identifying youth). Both programs run over 8 weeks and help youth learn to make informed choices about leading a healthy lifestyle. As a mentor, you will be paired up with another mentor and together you will deliver one of the 8-week sessions in a local school (or a community organization).

We also have the following non-mentoring volunteer opportunities:

  1. Board of directors (and sub-committees)
  2. Special event committees (such as our gala or golf tournament)
  3. Advisory councils (to help keep us on mission)
  4. Administration (at our office)

To inquire about becoming a non-mentoring volunteer, contact Laura at