Do something big

Are you looking to give back in a meaningful way? To share your time, your skills, and your experiences as a mentor?

There is a young person waiting to be matched with you.

Yes, you. With your interests, your time, and your laugh.

That’s big.

Become a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters of London and Area

If you’re interested in getting involved with us as a mentor, we have several opportunities for you. We have 1:1 mentoring (in the community, in schools or virtual) or group mentoring.

If it’s 1:1 mentoring that you’re interested in, then you want to become a Big. This means lending your time and sharing your interests with a young person, a Little.

The enrollment process to become a Big involves seven steps, including an interview and a police check. A volunteer coordinator helps you through the process and in the end you will be matched with a Little based on preferences and interests.

1:1 mentoring is a weekly commitment, and together as a match you decide what you want to do. It could be playing a sport, going for a walk, doing a fun activity like bowling or playing music. Littles are looking to spend quality time with you. They want someone they can count on to show up for them!

When a Little has a supportive, positive Big in their life, they are more likely to succeed. They develop more confidence, better health and stronger relationships. And you’ll find, as a Big, you’ll also grow and learn through your mentoring experience.

“Becoming a Big has been one of the most rewarding decisions I’ve ever made.”
Dean, Big

There is a young person waiting to be matched with you

There are over 100 Littles waiting to be matched right now. It’s okay if you don’t have previous experience with children. Being a good Big means being reliable, patient and kind. And we know it can feel like a big commitment to be a mentor, but you’d be having a BIG impact on the life of a Little.

Learn more

If you want to continue to learn about mentoring with Big Brothers Big Sisters of London and Area, you can read our FAQs, check out our programs, or simply reach out to Laura so we can chat more!