We have an amazing amount of dedicated and hardworking volunteers and we’d like you to meet one of them, Clay. He has been involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters of London and Area since 2014 when he was a University student by working with our Game on! and Connect2Mentoring programs.

Clay shared that he has always had a philanthropic mindset, “…from door to door fundraising, to mentoring and tutoring in high school, to helping coach kid’s hockey I have always sought to find a way to involve myself in my community.”

Wow! It’s so inspiring to hear Clay share his incredible journey with us about how he came to be so involved with the community. He also went on to speak to the amazing feeling you get as a volunteer and how meeting so many different young people helped expand his perspective. “When all is said and done, my experience with BBBSOLA helped me see the world in a different way and grow as a leader, all whilst feeling empowered to be able to make a difference in the lives from those around me.”

So why BBBSOLA? As someone who is very involved we wanted to know what drove Clay to choose the organization. He said, “I chose BBBSOLA because of the positive mentors I have had in my life. The biggest reason I joined was to be able to give back even just a little of what I have gotten form those around me. The proven system and infrastructure that the organization has develop as well as the quality of volunteers and staff is ideal for those who would like to learn or continue to develop their mentorship skills as well as find a place where they can make a tangible impact.”

We want to thank Clay for being an amazing volunteer and sharing with us. While he has moved out of the area we are happy to report he was so inspired he is working with his local BBBS agency!  We thought we’d leave you with Clay’s words for someone considering being a volunteer, “DO IT!!!!! There are many great programs to choose from and it is especially flexible for students and people with busy schedules whether you are free on a week day or weekend there is always a convenient way to contribute.”