Claire Rosic is April’s Big of the Month




Claire has been matched with her Little Kayla for almost eight years now! What keeps this match going strong is her ability to let the match mature as her Little gets older.

At first, this transition made Claire feel like she was falling short as a mentor. She wondered why they weren’t playing board games or making crafts anymore.

As time went on, the match started going on outings that they both enjoy, like trying new restaurants and going for walks to get coffee. Claire realized that letting the match grow naturally would allow it to continue longer.

The funniest moment the two had together was at a BBBS sailing event. The match traded looks of fear when they realized the classroom lecture was no match for the waves of Fanshawe Lake. Kayla wisely jumped in the instructor’s boat.

On another adventure they went off the trail while geocaching. They ended up having to walk through some deep water to get back to civilization. Unfortunately, they did not find the geocache.

Claire, thank you for dedicating so much time to Kayla. We can’t wait to see how your match continues to evolve.