Nicole Singer is June’s Big of the Month




Nicole has been matched with her Little since 2018 in the In-School Mentoring program. Nicole has always shown respect to her Little and treated them as an equal, taking the time to break down their walls and build trust together. In 2020, this solid match experienced the difficult transition to virtual mentoring due to the pandemic.

Nicole was chosen to be our Big of the Month because of the growth her Little has shown from when they were first matched. Through dedication and consistency, the pair was able to maintain a strong and healthy match relationship throughout the pandemic. This is a reflection of Nicole’s remarkable care and support – not only for her Little but the program itself.

Nicole decided to volunteer with BBBSOLA because she knows that having a supportive network along with positive role models can play a huge role in helping a young person thrive. Nicole said, “In navigating life’s inevitable challenges, having people there to express care and provide support can help individuals of all ages feel that they are capable of handling what comes their way. Providing this foundation of self-efficacy from a young age can help foster resiliency as one grows older.”

When asked how she impacted her Little, Nicole said, “I think I have impacted my Little by letting them know that all the unique characteristics, qualities and strengths that make them who they are deserve to not only be respected but also enriched.”

Nicole’s Little was able to teach her about what it means to approach challenges and tough circumstances with bravery. She said, “They display an attitude of fearlessness in expressing who they are to the world, and that is something I myself am still learning how to do as an adult. In talking with my Little about self-kindness, I too have been reminded that I deserve to be compassionate to myself.”