Zach Schonberger is March’s Big of the Month




What’s better than becoming a mentor? Becoming a mentor with your best friend!

Zach’s friend had been volunteering with us for about a year. During this time he would constantly tell Zach about what a positive experience he was having as a Big!

Zach continued to learn more about the program and realized that he too had the potential to make an impact on someone’s life.

That someone is Akram.

Akram and Zach have been matched for one year. Throughout this time Zach has helped Akram to build stronger self confidence through sports.

Zach was instrumental in getting Akram to sign up for soccer this past summer. He would often take him to games when he needed a ride.

The best memory for Zach so far has been when he attended Akram’s grade 8 graduation. Zach taught him how to tie his tie and ensured he looked sharp for the ceremony.

Zach was so proud with how Akram carried himself that night. When Akram won an award, he felt blessed to have the opportunity to know such a remarkable young man.

Zach, thank you for listening to your friend and taking a chance on mentoring. You have made such a difference in Akram’s life in just one year.

Mentors, we encourage you to continue to share your positive experiences with your friends and family. A simple conversation could lead to taking another child off the waitlist!