Kiel Baker is January’s Big of the Month!




Kiel was an obvious choice for this month’s award because of his incredible ability to inspire his Little to become his best self.

Kiel and Anthony were matched in 2019 when Anthony was 15. Anthony’s adoptive mother enrolled him in the program because she was hoping to find someone who she could work in partnership with to reinforce the structure and consistency that she had brought to Anthony’s life.

Kiel, a driven young professional, was the perfect match for Anthony. Together, the pair have become a couple of goal-getters!

One of the most difficult aspects of mentoring is the ability to push a mentee to live up to their potential while still being supportive of them. This is something that Kiel excels at, and he’s done this right from the beginning. Kiel inspires Anthony to set goals and go after them by being open and honest with Anthony about his own life. He shares his successes, failures, and all the work he has to put into achieving his own goals. Self-improvement is an ongoing theme of this pair’s match outings. Lately, the duo have been bettering themselves by hitting the gym together.

And while we’re happy that Anthony and Kiel motivate one another, the bond they’ve developed is what is truly special about this match. When asked about his experience having a Little, Kiel said, “I have found a life-long friend and brother. I never had a brother and he is the closest I will ever get. He has definitely changed me for the better and I am extremely appreciative that I signed up for this program.”

Kiel, we have to say that WE are extremely appreciative that you signed up for this program too! Thank you for all you do.