August’s Big of the Month is Scott Alton




August’s Big of the Month is Scott Alton. The great relationship that Scott has developed with his Little is the kind we hope all our matches will have. Having grown up with strong mentors during his own childhood and adolescence led Scott to want to pay it forward and be a mentor to the next generation.

Scott says he loves trying new things and that seems to have had a positive influence on his Little Brother. So far during the course of their match Scott says his Little has attended his first hockey game, discovered his new favourite shawarma restaurant, learned how to ice skate AND roller skate, cooked some new meals, and worked on overcoming his fear of heights by taking a ride on the Drop Zone at the Western Fair! Scott tells us that “watching (my Little) skate on his own was really special to see. I could tell he was proud of his progress by the end of our first skating session together.”

Scott feels he has benefited from their relationship as well. “Mentoring has been one of my best life experiences to date. I put my best effort forward to ensure I’m there for him consistently.”

Thank you, Scott, for making a BIG difference in our community!